Subject: Re: London Hotels - Budget - May 2006
Good evening all,

If you don't mind doing steps or a small (OK, could be tiny) room, we stayed several times at the Kensington Gardens Hotel,

The staff was fantastic and we really enjoyed our stays there. The prices currently listed on the web site look very pricey for the size of the rooms, but if you check the specials, there are some significant discounts.

The steps are fairly steep so on our last visit two years ago, we stayed in a hotel with a lift as my knees aren't getting any younger and don't always get along with steps.

It's an area we really like to stay in. Lots of places to eat along Queensway, the Whitely Shopping Center is on the corner and you have two tube stations to pick from, Queensway and Bayswater.

I'd love to go over for the flower show (we came very close last year, reservations made, etc., but my mom's health did not permit us going so very far from home -- it is most definitely still on our we'd really like to do list, though).

Enjoy!! Peggy * SW OH