Subject: Re: Norway
Hi Ziners,

I will most wholeheartedly second Jo from Sunnyvale's recommendation of the Norway Coastal Voyage, two days in Oslo, Norway in a Nutshell to get to Bergen. We have done this trip twice; the Coastal Voyage once in the summer when we went one way from Kirkiness to Bergen and once in the winter over Christmas and New Years when we took it roundtrip from Bergen. Both trips, we flew into Oslo and on the summer one, took the Norway in a A Nutshell rail-train- rail trip back to Norway. The whole experience is spectacular, and I know we will do it one more time roundtrip from Bergen in the summer. You definitely get above the Arctic Circle and are given a certificate so stating. It is one of the tours off the boat that you surely don't want to miss.

Cynthia Pomona, NY