Subject: Re: Airport lounges
Hello Ziners:

Airport Lounges can really make a difference but unfortunately many are way out of our budget for regular domestic use. Of course, flying First or Business Class domestic or abroad usually lands you in a lounge. We usually fly enough miles with the Star Alliance airlines that allows us, when we fly overseas, entry into the First Class Lounges in Germany and the business class lounges in most other countries. We were given a guest pass this December to lounges in New Delhi and Madras which were life savers. Our last few connections lately have been with Air Canada flights, and we were able to use their lounges which I think are the best in the world. They made you really feel welcome.

Years ago when we had an American Express Platinum card, we were able to use their designated lounges, but unless they have changed their rules, most of their lounges are not for all American Express customers, alas. I don't think our free Costco AmEx cards will have much pull there.

The great find for us has been the Diners Club Card lounges in many, and some cases obscure, airports. All it takes is a current card and they usher you right in for free. They are quiet and offer some great amenities like food and drinks and free internet, and I took a shower in one in Italy. There is one in Newark, Tokyo and Sao Paulo and the UK(modest extra charge) and many more. Just click on their web page and search for lounges. The Card has recently been converted to a Mastercard issued by Citibank but they have kept the lounge program and their favorable rental car feature.

Peter in San Francisco