Subject: Travel in Chile
Hello Travelziners,

I'm a new member inquiring about an upcoming trip to Chile. I'll be visiting my daughter who will be studying in Santiago for several months. As of now, the time I will be going is either late April or early May for 2-3 weeks. In addition to visiting her, I would like to do one or possibly two other excursions, either within Chile or outside, most likely to Machu Pichu, Peru. I'm looking for some advice of what other place or places to see within Chile - not restricted to a day trip. I'd fly if going far such as to Patagonia. I especially like nature trips/trails but don't camp or back pack. I've read that Chile has many national parks but I don't know which are more spectacular than others. I may be alone or with my daughter and could join a tour group if that made sense financially and for safety/convenience. Also, I'd be curious if people thought that Machu Pichu was more of a "must" destination than any place in Chile might be - whether Machu Pichu should be my one add on in addition to Santiago. I don't speak any Spanish although my daughter does.

Thanks in advance for advice.

Maria Boston, Ma