Subject: Re: Paris-Nice-Toulouse
Hi Howard,

I have found some daytime flights overseas in Canada but most are usually overnight. I have friends who tell me that there are cheap flights from Paris to Nice but the best way is to book them when you get there as they are not available here. If you are staying a couple days in Paris you should have the flex to do that. They also mentioned that the last time they came up from Avignon to Paris by train as they have improved the service and it was less than 6 hrs. Also now Peter has turned 65 they get cheaper train fares but you have to book them in advance to get these cheap fares.

Are you wanting a cheap hotel or don't care in Nice? There is a pretty good ETAP Hotel right across the road from the airport that they stay at when flying out or we stayed in town near the harbour last year. Let me know if you need more info. and I will ask for more details from them. They are living in France now.

Charlotte from Kitchener