Subject: Re: Travel in Chile
Hi Maria,

My husband and I spent 3 glorious weeks hiking in Patagonia last March. Since you will be in Chile in March, I don't think that your weather will be anything like what we had (early fall weather.) However, the nature in Patagonia is spectacular as are the mountains. We spent a bit less than a week in Torres del Paine National Park and then we went back to Argentina where we spent the rest of our time in the Fitz Roy Massif region. I would consider seeing the Horns of Paine - and Lake Pehoé a must on anyone's trip to South America - but that's a mountain person's opinion.

You might want to consider Bari Loche - It's the Lake Region of Chile and from it's pictures it looks to be a knockout!

I think that Machu Pichu will be quite something, but remember distances are as vast as the travel times it takes to get to your destinations. The travel will eat away many hours or days...

If you'd like to chat, we live in Newton and I might be able to help you out a bit.

Please email me directly if you have specific questions.

Regards, Susie Newton, MA