Subject: Re: TGV Avignon to Paris
Greetings to all,

On my recent trip to France (Oct.) we traveled both ways between Paris and Avignon, and I believe it was less than three hours. The TGV has its own train station in a different location, and it was all quite well organized. Be forewarned, the train stops only 3 to 5 minutes at each stop, so you must be prepared to get your luggage and get off without hesitating. We were seated in First Class (upstairs) on the trip from Paris, and it could have been quite a hassle without the help of a very courteous and friendly Frenchman.

The trains are very clean, comfortable and efficient, and there is food available if you want to buy it. We didn't, so I can't say how it is. We did book online prior to leaving home, and the tickets were about $242 RT for each of us. Hope this helps.

Enjoy France, as I'm sure you will.

Lou in Lakeway, TX,