Subject: Discounts for seniors (was Paradise Lost )
Thank you for the encouragement Nadine and hello everyone,

I hadn't considered the advantages of slings and body casts as travel accessories before but it sounds as if they are as good in some countries as having babies and small children in tow.

We are too old for the latter, even our grandsons no longer fit into the baby-toddler category but age too brings it's advantages. Especially if travelling in countries where the older generation is still revered and valued just for having managed to live so long.

In Laos last year as we walked and cycled around we were constantly being greeted with "sabaaias dii Mama Papa" or in the case of the truly young, Grandmama, Grandpapa. We found it enchanting but I fear at home we would have been quick to dub it 'ageist'.

And, there are always the seniors discounts. We haven't found too many real bargains here in Australia for non Aussie pensioners but now always ask if there is a concession based on age. Our best bargain so far was free entry into the Melbourne Museum. So far any discounts have always been granted and we have never been asked for proof of age, I guess it is writ upon our faces. In Greece some years ago my sister-in-law was always asked for her passport before any discounts were given.

Have any Ziners discovered great bargains out there or have any favourite special deals to share?

Regards Sue, Waterloo ON (currently in Castlemaine Victoria Australia)