Subject: Re: Newfoundland
Hello Sheryl and fellow Ziners,

Have you got a treat in store for you, Newfoundland and Labrador is one of our favourite places on earth. This will be a see and do answer rather than a stay and eat answer, as we were always on our boat, Meriah.

St. Johns with it's brightly painted homes going down to a very pretty harbor area, and the pubs!

Trinity, just north of St. Johns is very picturesque. When we were there they had two plays to enjoy. One was performed outdoors with the action moving around the town and the audience following along. The other was in the upstairs of a large wooden building and told the story of All Souls Night when they do say that the dead return to the town and catch up with the news from those departed since last year. It was quite marvellous.

Gross Morne National Park wild and rugged, where you can walk or take boat trips on the lakes and fiords.

Lans Aux Meadows, a recreated Viking settlement.

Battle Harbour Labrador, if you have the time take the ferry across to the recreated town. You can also stay there in a tiny fisherman’s cottage.

St-Pierre and Miquelon, a little bit of France off the South coast. I think you will need your passport to visit as it really is a part of France.

Whale watching.

Icebergs, you will be there when the bergs are making their way down Iceberg Alley from Greenland and out into the Atlantic. Some years they have even lodged at the entrance to St. Johns harbour and you will see them from the shore dotted along the coast. They are awesome, particularly if you can get close, not too close though!

Driving around the coast and visiting the outports, some still inhabited but many now abandoned except for a few people who still go back for a short time in the summer. The people you will meet in these small towns are so hospitable and very interesting to talk to about the old way of life. Next time we visit we will not have the boat so will stay at B&B's

Tony has a lot of photos and information about Newfoundland and Labrador on our website. It is mainly intended as a cruising guide but many of the places you will be able to get to by car.

Oh, I nearly forgot, do take some warm clothes, it can be quite cold even in July and you will need them on any boat trips you might take. Hope this helps.

Regards Sue Waterloo ON (currently in Castlemaine Victoria Australia)