Subject: New member in Georgia planning Europe trip
Welcome Chuck and Greetings Ziners!

You're right in my neighborhood - I'm in Acworth, GA. The Travelzine is a wonderful source of information when planning a trip. Reading about everyone's travels though only aggravates that "travel bug" and makes me want to visit even more places!

Once you have a better idea of where you'd like to visit and the types of things you'd like to see and do, Ziners will likely be able to provide you more detailed info.

We've visited Brussels and Brugge, Belgium and really enjoyed Brugge. If your girls like outdoor activities (hiking and such) you may enjoy Switzerland. We stayed at a beautiful place, Murren, not too far from Interlaken. Of course, we also enjoyed a few days in Paris and other French cities. So many places...I would recommend trying to stay at least two nights in each place, trying to see too much in too little time will just wear everyone out.

Enjoy planning the trip! Jennie in Acworth, GA