Subject: Good rates in hotels in Europe
Hi Ziners,

After looking in three or four web sites for rates at hotel Petit Palace Marques de Santa Ana in Seville, I thought I had a great rate at 115, including breakfast, but excluding the 7% tax. The sites I have looked before, such as had it for 125, and a third one had it for 138 without breakfast and without tax.

To my surprise after making the reservation I found an English reservation web called which offers an even better rate, 108 eu but, listen to this, inclusive of breakfast and tax. In all a 70 eu difference, not much, but...

For a sec. I thought of canceling without penalty and making a new reservation but then I realized that this last offer was a prepaid offer and they scare me to death. Apparently they provide a voucher.

This little saga was a surprise to me because usually I do not check so many web sites, but I guess I learnt a lesson.

What would you do in my shoes? Do you look at several sites before making a reservation? Has anyone used this English service, called ?

Graziella, Miami Beach