Subject: Re:Newfoundland, - Trinity Theatre
Hello Sheryl, Dolores and Ziners thinking of visiting Newfoundland this summer.

Having told Sheryl about the marvellous Rising Tide Theatre Company at Trinity I wanted to check that they were still performing there. It wasn't easy but I finally found a link to Twine Loft and found the following the following information:

The theatre is performing. The Pageant starts around July 1st and runs until first week of September (every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday of the week) There also are one or more plays on every day of the week except Monday. Dinner theatre every Wednesday and Saturday and most Mondays there will be a folk music performance in the Twine Loft "See Events" calendar at .

The exact line up of plays won't be available until late June.

Regards Sue Waterloo ON (currently in Melbourne)