Subject: Re: Ecuador Trip on the web
Hi Ziners, Just in case someone is interested in South America and Ecuador in particular, my journal and lots of photos from fellow traveler, Jack Dodge, are on the website that belongs to Jack's wife, Mary. My husband, Jim, and I, along with Mary and Jack traveled for 3 weeks on the Ecuador Mainland from the humid Amazon to the high altiplano of the Andes with our close friends from Costa Rica, Charlie Gomez and Marco Morales. What a fantastic time we had! I worked with a local outfitter, Neblina Forest ( to plan our trip which made it much more affordable than going through an American company. You can find it all on this site: - just click on Ecuador when you get to the home page.

I hope that some of you will enjoy reading about someplace other than Europe.

Keep on traveling, Ruth Marie Colorado