Subject: Re: Most romantic place

This is a fun thread. My most romantic dinner, altho not on Valentines day at that time would be my choice now as my favorite place to be on that day.

On the Rhine River, in a town called Assmannshausen there is a Hotel Krone. We lived about an hour from there at the time. It was a Friday after a long work week and we headed to dinner there. I believe it was in May. We hit big traffic jams and when we finally reached the restaurant we were pretty frazzled.

They seated us at an outside table with a view of the Rhine. As the violinist played soothing music we finally could relax. Then I noticed an aroma ... and looking up, I saw that the terrace was under a giant trellis completely covered with wisteria in full, pendulous bloom. It was lovely. As we dined the sun set and the full moon rose. And then I looked across the river at the ruined castle on the clifftop and suddenly it was illuminated with floodlights. It was nearly too good to be true, but it was. And so romantic.

Nancy in Virginia