Subject: Re: Guanajuato Mexico
Hi Don and Ziners,

A couple of years ago, we stayed at the Hotel Luna which, if memory serves me correctly, is next door to the Posada Santa Fe .We decided on it after reading reviews on

We enjoyed the hotel and the area very much and had a room overlooking the Jardine.We loved being able to look out at the very Mexican scene and would encourage you to try for a Jardine view also so long as you don't mind a bit of evening noise from the nearby cafes.

There are several hotels right in the area all have outdoor restaurants. It was really fun to eat dinner at one of those and watch the world go by. But don't expect top notch food!

One thing to remember. The area you have chosen is car free. So your taxi will have to drop you a little way from the hotel and you will have to walk with your luggage. Hopefully you won't have too much.

The porter from our hotel arranged a taxi on leaving and transported our luggage from the hotel for us.

By the way, on check out, we discovered that Hotel Luna offered a good discount for Cash so we slipped around the corner to the ATM and paid cash. Perhaps your hotel does the same.

Have a wonderful trip'

Best regards, Judy Abbotsford BC