Subject: Australia, Clockwise or Anticlockwise?
Hello Everyone,

We are still enjoying our time here in Victoria although we are now in high summer and the temperatures and humidity are more challenging than they were a month ago.

We leave Castlemaine on March 9th, taking the night ferry to Tasmania with our car. We return on March 18th in the daytime. From there we head straight off on our great adventure.

We know the distances are vast but travelling by car, we plan to visit Adelaide, Coober Pedy, Uluru, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef and back to Melbourne via Brisbane, Sydney, and Canberra, stopping anywhere in between which takes our fancy.

We have 8.5 weeks to do the trip so, does anyone have any thoughts as to which way round we should go, do we go west to Adelaide first or east towards Sydney, clockwise or anticlockwise? Does it make any difference?

We would welcome any suggestions of places we must visit or things we must do. We like to see just about anything and everything. Cities, grand panoramas, mountains, lakes, remote beaches and Bondi, as I have to see it for myself. I will even go to an Auzzie rules footie match to complete the cultural experience, unfortunately the season doesn't start until after we leave Victoria but Tony hopes to catch a game before we leave for home.

Originally we thought we might camp, but now we are not too sure. Tony's back still bothers him at night and the flys, along with hot days and relatively cold nights make us think we would be more comfortable using motels and B&B's. Tony is still hoping to get in some sailing, so if anyone can offer him a sail he would be most grateful. So far his only opportunity was dashed by high winds!

We are only 90 minutes from Melbourne so if anyone is available for a GTG we would love to meet some fellow Ziners. Likewise anyone on our way around from March 18th to May 18th. Are any other Ziners travelling or planning to travel in Australia at this time?

Regards, Sue, Waterloo ON, currently in Castlemaine Victoria