Subject: Re: Walking Tour of Dresden
Hi Linda and Ron,

I've been to Dresden in the April 2000. It was a really great trip and I recommend everybody a visit of Dresden and of the whole Saxony.

You're able to see Dresden only within a day. Most of the sites are concentrated very close each to another. I think that the Old Master's gallery will be the highlight!, though don't miss the Green Vault's collection of wonderful jewels. The New Master's gallery is worth a visit as well - French and German painters of the beginning- mid of XX century, Monet, Matisse, Max Ernest and more and more...

Some people can also enjoy the nice museum of scientific instruments and of armoury.

If you stay in Dresden at the evening - don't miss a visit of the Opera - one of the best Opera houses - architecturally and accustically. The reservation of the tickets should be done well! in advance, though it's possible to buy the returned tickets (they begin to sell them about 0.5 hr before the performance) or from speculants. The tickets on ballet can be attained much easily.

Another option is a boat trip of Elbe - about one hour.

The trip which you should weight for the second part of the day is to the Maissen - the motherland of the European porcelaine. You can visit a three floors of porcelaine museum belonging to the ancient European factory. Maissen itslef is a real jem - charming mideaval German town with great views over silent Elbe's beaches from the Cathedral or the castle. The restaurants in Maissen are also tasty and with an impressive design.

Of course, there are even more ideas (like 1 of three castles in the surrounding lands), but I recommend you the best.

Enjoy your trip, Alex Jerusalem, Israel