Subject: Re: City disappointments and surprises
Hi Lucy,

Like you, I've never warmed up to Rome. Can't really put my finger on why though. I enjoyed my visit and certainly glad I went, but three days and I had enough. Florence and Venice, on the other hand, were so special to me. I love them and would go back in a NY minute!

Hanoi really charmed me and 5 days there went by in a flash. Also on the list of cities that exceeded my expectations are Melbourne, Australia (I could live there!), Rekjavik and Hong Kong. All lively cities that really grabbed my attention.

My two least favorite cites are Moscow and Rio. Moscow is not a pretty city. It's dreary communist block architecture built for the masses in the earlier part of the century is falling apart and the people who have to live in this housing (which is most people) seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Life is tough and there's no elegance or grace anyplace. Rio, on the other hand is a beautifuly city with lovely architecture and gorgeous beaches and vibrant, passionate people. Sadly, the high crime element makes it a very dangerous city and, for me, there's no pleasure going there.

Cities that I love....though I expected to love them.....are Paris, Barcelona, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Prague, Zurich, Bangkok and Kyoto.

And I do LOVE The Big Apple! I feel that I've been lucky to have been born and raised here. :-)

Candice NYC