Subject: France and Burgundy
Hi Barbara and Ziners,

We did this trip 10 years ago so not sure how up to date my info will be but we started our trip down thru Burgundy in Dijon--stayed at a great little hotel just up the street from the YGV station with beautiful French Doors above the street and a great cafe on the street. I loved the town-- cobblestone streets, a market and reasonable restaurants. In Beaune the best starting point was the Marche au Vin because in those days you paid the equivalent of $15 to get a tatevin and an oportunity to take it down into the cellar and taste upwards of 50 wines that were set up on barrels to taste with a candle beside it. If you liked the wine you took one from the rack behind.

We had a great time at Mersault tasting in their cellar as well. We spent a week travelling down thru the region until we got to Lyon. If you get as far down as Beaujolais go to George de Boeuf's tasting room. You can taste the first growth Village beaujolais which rarely make it outside France and they are fabulous for very little money--mind you that was before the Euro. I am envious of you--it brings back great memories.

Enjoy, Charlotte from Canada