Subject: Re: Toulouse, Cahors and Figeac, France
Hi Ziners,

Frances - We've done some walking around that area as part of the Chemin St Jacques/Camino de Santiago passes right through Figeac and Cahors and we've also made a few separate visits to Figeac. My wife also stayed in a hotel in Toulouse a couple of years ago and I can probably find the details for you.

If you can email me a fax number or address I can fax or mail you info from the French Walkers Bible "miam miam do do" (don't ask me how it got that name.....which lists hotels, restaurants etc in Figeac and Cahors with prices. I know there are plenty of mid range ones in Figeac and I'm sure Cahors too.

You might also want to get yourself a copy of "The Way of St James: Le Puy to the Pyrenees" by Alison Raju - it's one of the Cicerone Guides and will give you a lot of relevant info on any sites along the (footpath) GR 65. I'm sure you can get it from Amazon but I'd suggest the Confraternity of St James site if you haven't looked at it already and you can order that book from them (look under "Books from other publishers") The URL is

It's a good site if you're interested in walking in that area anyway as you can't avoid getting interested in the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, its history and its current use by thousands of people - maybe you know all this and have done the walk already - if so my apologies. It's become a bit of an obsession with us!

Michael in Sydney, Australia