Subject: A Special Prague Restaurant
Hi Ziners,

My wife and I will be in Prague in early March, and during our short stay we will be celebrating both her birthday and our wedding anniversary. I would like to take her to dinner at a special restaurant and am asking for recommendations (I have read the reviews on all the usual travel sites, but I am hoping for a suggestion based on a Ziner's personal experience).

What I am looking for is a place with these qualities:

1. A romantic atmosphere, preferably with a great view of the city, even with a heated outdoor terrace if possible

2. Czech, French, or Italian food that is really top quality

3. Prices that are not ridiculously high (maybe in the range of $100-150 for the two of us, including wine)

4. Not impossibly difficult to get reservations.

I know this is asking a lot, but if anyone would know of such a place it is the members of this group. I would really appreciate your help for this special occasion.

Ron Fredericksburg, VA