Subject: Re: travel with pets
Welcome Vicky and Phil!

We no longer have a pet sitter so our 9 year old Doxie travels with us. In 2005 he traveled with us for 3 months in our RV throughout the SW USA. Then he traveled with us to the Netherlands, France and Italy for 3 months (late July until early November). While it adds a bit of necessary logistics to the trip, we find that he is a great traveler and in many ways traveling in Europe with a pet is much easier that in the USA. That's why we use our RV when in the states.

Also, when invited to a friend's home it's always invite us invite our dog. He travels with his own duffel bag in which we pack his bed, dishes, toys, food and any necessary medications. Of course he is a small dog which makes all the difference!

Good luck in your travels with or without your pup!

Jane Boca Raton