Subject: Re: A Special Prague Restaurant

I don't know about restaurants with a view; however, a few years ago, I was in Prague, and we went to a very nice restaurant called Pod Krydlem (translates, to "under the wing"). Very nice spot, small, with excellent service (all wait staff in tuxedos), and had excellent Czech food. It was also strictly non-smoking, which was a major selling feature for us. Unless things have really changed, you should have no problem getting a great meal for 2 with wine and dessert for under $100. As I recall, our bill for the evening came to about $35 Canadian.

Due to it's size, you will need a reservation if you're going on a weekend. We went mid-week, and had no problems getting a table without a reservation.

I'll try to find the business card for this establishment, and get more details.

Regards, John Hamilton, Ontario