Subject: Re: Loire Valley
Hi Barbara,

Further to my previous message, the tapestry I should have mentioned was the Tapestry of the Acopalypse (not the Bayeaux, as Wil correctly noted). It's in Angers in the Loire Valley, at the Chateau d'Angers I believe. Visit if you are interested. We didn't get to see it but a friend who lived in the Loire Valley for 12 months also said there was an extraordinary modern tapestry of the Apocalypse there as well.

The Leonardo da Vinci House is called Le Clos Luce, information is available from

We stayed a couple of nights in a B&B in Azay Le Rideau, it was part cave, built into the cliffside. The Loire is full of Troglodyte Caves that have been inhabited since prehistoric times. As I said, you won't have trouble finding things to see there.

Regards Sally (Sydney)