Subject: Re: Trains in Italy
Hello Odd & Synnove,

You wondered about train passes. There are two basic kinds - one that allows you to travel as much as you want within a set time limit and one that allows you only a set number of travel days within a set time limit.

You have to decide which best matches your trip. For example, if you plan a few long journeys, then you could get the cheaper pass (the one that has a set number of travel days).

However two issues - trains are relatively cheap in Italy and there are bargains to be had. Point-to-point tickets are reasonable and trains are frequent. You can also travel second class - quite acceptable.

As well, you did not put your location on your posting (please do so next time), but you have a .no Yahoo account. Europeans cannot buy Eurail passes. There may be passes for Europeans. Try:


If you want to figure out costs, you can try the Trenitalia page:

Frances Toronto, Canada