Subject: Re: Traveling to Lisbon
Hello Reggie and all,

This is the site of Fénix Hotel The site is also available in English and there you can find some photos of this recently renovated hotel. They have improved the hotel with new furniture and new decoration in all rooms and in all the social areas. They have also extended the hotel to the adjacent building and here you can find more information

If you like the location of this hotel (very central and near the subway)there is a new hotel nearby a little bit expensive (4 star) but very good.

The Douro Valey is very, very nice and you are going to love it. The only problem is the temperature: to hot in summer and to cold in winter but in May/June it will be perfect. In that region they say they have nine moths of winter and three months of well but is this hot temperature kept in the soil that gives the grapes of Porto wine is quality. In this site you can find some information about Douro region and some cruises in the river but the most well known company is Douro Azul: They are the owners of some ships and a beautiful hotel at Pinhão, "The Vintage House". If you go as far as Pinhão you must visit the hotel because it is really lovely.

I can also suggest that outside Lisbon you use the Portuguese Pousadas. There is one I like a lot at Viana do Castelo and they have often good promotions or you can by a Pousadas Card. Try to look at their site

Near Viana do Castelo you can visit the small town of Guimarães, the birthplace of our country with a castle and a nice palace "The Paço Ducal". Viana do Castelo and Guimarães are in the "Minho" region with a superb gastronomy and where you can find the exquisite "Vinho Verde" (green wine) that you absolutely must taste.

Enjoy your trip Helena from Lisbon