Subject: Re: Lisbon Accomodation and travel to airport
Hello Charlotte and Ziners:

The Vip Eden Hotel is very well located in the big square Restauradores very near the Rossio, our main downtown square.

You have the subway facing the door of the hotel.

I don’t know the rooms or the social areas but there is something interesting about it: some years ago it was a big cinema (Eden cinema). The owners decided to sell, new owners changed it into a hotel and it was so well done that the rebuilding received a prize. I also know they have a pool in the upper terrace with good view.

Concerning the hotel you can take a look to these sites:

>From this hotel (near, in "Conceição" street) you can take the tram 28 to the old part of the town like Alfama (take care of pickpockets inside this tram) or the old castle.

In other square near by named "Praça da Figueira" you can also take bus 37 to the castle.

You can easily walk to Chiado or to the Praça do Comércio, facing the river, where you will find a nice and old coffee house "Martinho da Arcada". From the hotel you can take the old funicular Glória that goes to Bairro Alto. Leaving the funicular and facing it you have the "Solar do Vinho do Porto" a nice place belonging to the government where you can taste (not free) our Porto Wine.

And close by the hotel you also have the main touristic information office.

>From the airport you have two choices: aerobus or taxi. The aerobus is very well indicated leaving the arrivals and it stops in front of the hotel. The taxi line is also in front of the arrivals and it will cost you 10 or 15 euros to the hotel (including the charge for you luggage) depending on the traffic. There is another option Taxi Voucher that you buy arriving at the airport but I don’t know if it works ok. In this site you will find some information.

In front of the hotel you can see a Hard Rock Café and the street behind named "Portas de Santo Antão" is full of terraces and restaurants. There you have two that you must try: "Solar dos Presuntos" (mid-price) has typical Portuguese food and the owner Evaristo was the ancient cook of the Portuguese football team (only a curiosity). The other restaurant is Gambrinus (more expensive) but there everything is superb.

Well, too long but I hope it can be helpful

Helena from Lisbon