Subject: Re: Suggestions for Central America?

We have been to Costa Rica too and loved it. But for alternative, check out going to Panama. We did a birdwatching-oriented trip there several winters ago. Beyond that (which was amazing) we enjoyed the people we met, the places we visited. We stayed in Bocas del Toro and near the Canal area at Gamboa where we bicycled around the area and took a boat ride (kind of touristy trip)on the Lake Gatun that included some historical stops. We did not have time to get into Panama City so cannot comment on that or up in the highlands which look interesting. Local company called ANCON Expeditions has a web site that will give you ideas about what there is to do. We booked our trip through a birding/eco company, but we were turned over to Ancon for part of our adventure (at Bocas)so that we could have some guided days birding. Have to say I don't remember the sunsets, but there must be some!!!

That plus a week in a condo on Ambergris, Belize is my Central American experience so far.

Hear interesting things about Honduras but have not had time to investigate.

Maddy Northampton, MA