Subject: Re: telephoning between the US and India
Hello Howard and other Ziners-

I was in India last April (I have a long-overdue Travelogue to write for TheTravelzine!) and I found it extremely easy and relatively inexpensive to call home. India has many privately run telephone services with international direct- dialing facilities all over the country. I was in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Dharamsala, Agra, Jaipur, Aurangabad and a few other locations and they were everywhere.. even in small villages that we drove through. You can spot them by looking for yellow and red signs (if my memory serves me well) with the acronym STD/ISD (Standard trunk dialing / international subscriber dialing). They are easy to use and very efficient. Some of them have a display so you can actually watch your time and how much you are being charged for each call. Some stay open 24 hours a day and you can make National and International direct calls from all them. Now, as for you being able to call them... the SIM card that Joan mentioned seems your best bet with a cellphone.

Hope this helps. Until I get my Travelogue in... feel free to ask more questions and maybe I can help out.

Jenni in Chicago