Subject: Re: Accommodations in Seattle
Hi Jan and Ziners,

I've seen the Hampton Inn that Michelle recommends - some friends stayed there last summer. It's new, very comfortable - it was full of opera goers when I saw it, and all reports were good. It's very convenient for the Seattle Center, and just a bus ride (not free) or good walk to downtown.

Of the places you mentioned, I'd recommend the ones on 5th & 8th Avenues - King's Inn, La Quinta, Loyal Inn, Days Inn, etc. They are motels, well located (though the Loyal Inn & La Quinta are on a not particularly exciting street.) Advantage is that they are close to everything, and the Metro free ride area is nearby. (It does not extend as far as the Seattle Center, where the Experience Music Project and the Space Needle are located, but that's not much of a problem, as that part of Seattle is easy to reach from downtown.)

The Moore Hotel is located above a theater - I haven't seen the interior, but the location is certainly convenient.

Gaslight Inn is on Capitol Hill, a bus ride (or longish walk) from downtown. Although there are things to see on the hill, you might want to be closer to town, especially if your visit is a short one.

Pensione Nicols could be fun. It's a great location - very near the Pike Place Market, on a couple of bus lines, etc. Lots of stairs, I think - not sure if there's an elevator.

Please note - the downtown Seattle Art Museum is closed until next year, for a major remodel. The Seattle Asian Art Museum (this is the original Art Deco museum building, now much upgraded and a very nice place to visit) is open - it's on Capitol Hill, served by several bus routes. Other museums to investigate include the Frye Museum (close to downtown, recently expanded, interesting exhibits and good cafe) and, on the University of Washington campus, the Burke Museum (anthropology and ethnology collections - fabulous NW artifacts) and the Henry Gallery (edgy modern art - always worth checking out.)

Enjoy your visit!

Julie, in Seattle