Subject: Seeking advice about Sicily
Hello Ziners and Welcome Peppino,

My husband and I plan to go to Sicily for 2 weeks in October. We have been to Italy, but never to Sicily. We will need to get there from Venice and return to Rome for our flight home. We plan to try closer to October for cheap flights from Venice and to Rome at the end. We thought we might only rent a car for one week and use public transportation for the other.

So, Peppino, what part of Sicily do you live in? Peppino and all other Ziners, do you have any suggestions for us as far as reasonable lodging? We would like to either begin or end in Palermo. Of course, we want to go to Taormina, Monreale, and Agrigento. I hope that we can stay in about 4 places and tour from each area, rather than packing and unpacking too many times.

We would appreciate any and all information about transportation to Sicily and within Sicily, thoughts about the renting of the car, places to stay (both areas and specific lodging that you liked). In short, we rely on all of you who have experience there to give us suggestions. We have seen many of you give so much good advice to fellow travelers.

Thank you in advance, Donna from Pittsburgh