Subject: Re: Paris
Hi Ziners

Now that I have my paris apartment reserved and since I have not been to Paris in a few years, I need some updated information.

1. Paris shuttle - the last time I was in Paris I used Mark Harris recommended by TheTravelzine. His number is no longer in service. Does anyone have another recommendation?

2. Can anyone suggest a reliable website or other way to get museum passes before we arrive?

3. I need restaurant recommendations - inexpensive and moderate - good places for lunch especially in areas near the major sites. Our apartment is on the cusp of the 6th & 7th, a few blocks from Musee D'Orsay - how about restaurants in this area for dinner close to home?

4. Giverny opens on April 1- has anyone visited this early in the season? Are the gardens worth the effort in early April?

5. The best jazz club - suggestions?

6. Good cheap concerts - suggestions?

7. Any unique experience that would never be found in a guide book?

Thanks for your efforts.

Felice & her 2 very excited daughters Toronto, Ontario CANADA