Subject: Re: Paris
Hi Felice and daughters!

Here are my suggestions for "unexpected" Paris:

Carnavalet Museum

This museum was one of our happiest surprises. It is recommended in guidebooks and Michelin gives it two stars. Mais non, trois! The only downsides are that the layout is confusing to follow chronologically, one should start on the upper floor and the lack of English signage.

Highlights: fabulous rooms including a whole Art Nouveau jewelry shop by Mucha, rooms that belonged to famous people (Marcel Proust’s bedroom), objects that belonged to Marie Antoinette, Zola, and others. Fine furniture from Louis XIV, Regency, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Directoire, etc. Paintings and scale models that illustrate history: (contemporary paintings of great fires, the tennis court oath, a balloon ascent, building of the Metro, etc.). Beautiful breathtaking wall paneling, some carved, some painted including an amazing ballroom from the Hotel Wendel. There is a private room from the Cafe de Paris. Souvenirs of the siege of Paris (bread in a jar, a carrier pigeon’s feather, etc.) and china made to commemorate important events (tea cups with a guillotine!). All this in a wonderful Marais hotel particuliers. 3, rue de Sévigneé, 3rd Arrondissement. Métro: Saint-Paul FREE, Closed Mondays. 10am - 6pm

Tati "department" store

Tati is surely the cheapest store in Paris. It is actually a string of shops near 30 Boulevard Rochechouart (Metro Barbes-Rochechouart) with pink checked decoration on the front. This is where the ordinary Parisian shops!

African area of Paris

Tons of Batik cloth shops, shops and a street market (not very lively at the hour we were there - don't go Mondays).

See also this page from the Mairie de Paris:

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