Subject: Re: Paris
Hi Felice,

We didn't use a shuttle last time we were in Paris, and we weren't happy with Airport Connection, when we used them the last time. They were very good the first year, but seem to have gone downhill from there. That's the only shuttle we've used, but I've seen good things about Bee Shuttle:

We've always purchased our museum passes at the first museum we go to, and any websites I have come across that sell them charge way more than the price to buy them in Paris. For example, although I'm sure that Rail Europe is reputable, the cost is $80.00, while the cost is 54 Euros (about $65) in Paris. The Musée Cluny (Musée National du Moyen Age) is not far from where you're staying, and you could purchase the passes there.

Yes, we have been to Giverny on April 1st, and it was beautiful, but it was a very warm year. I would guess that it depends on how warm the spring is.

We loved Bilboquet jazz club, located at 13 rue Saint- Benôit. We didn't have dinner there, but you can. Instead, we went at 10:30 just to see the jazz ensemble. There is no cover charge, but instead, the drinks are very expensive. We nursed one through the set. As I recall, they do 3 sets a night.

You may find this in some guide books, but we loved the Lapin Agile in Montmartre. It was a wonderful evening, with traditional French songs, and you can reserve online:

Two of our favorite restaurants, not far from where you're staying, are Brasserie Balzar and Le Perraudin. Brasserie Balzar is moderately priced, and Le Perraudin is inexpensive. You can reserve Brasserie Balzar online. Le Perraudin does not take reservations. Just arrive early.

Brasserie Balzar 49, rue des Ecoles 75005 Tel: 01 43 54 13 67

Le Perraudin 157, rue Saint Jacques 75005 Tel: 01 46 33 15 75

Have a wonderful trip!

Best, Sandy in Illinois