Subject: Re: Paris
Hi Felice and Felice's daughters,

If you like music, then you will love the Musee de la Musique in Cité. You need to take the Metro but it's so worth. You will see all kids of instruments and you get earphones so that you can actually hear much of the music that is played on those instruments as you pass by each case. These are old instruments from most countries and continents and well worth a visit. (You have to be into Baroque/or classical music) They always have a show there too, so you might want to check that out. Last time we were there they had a 'Jimmy Hendrix' exhibit complete with music!!!

I hope I'm not repeating what some other Ziner said, but forgive me if I am. Going to the Cluny -- if only to see the breathtaking tapestries of the of the Lady and the Unicorn, is very 'worth a detour!' You won't forget those tapestries the rest of your life and they are displayed fabulously. There are other wonderful treasures there this is one of the highlights of my visual experiences anywhere and we visit "Our Lady" every time we're in Paris!

Also, consider the Guimet Museum. It's all Asian and really a treat - plus - they have a wonderful Asian restaurant downstairs for lunch!!! They have 8thC terre cotta polo riders on ponies that are fantastic and... they are all women!

Good luck, Susie Newton, MA