Subject: Re: Paris

One of my favorite recommendations for a unique Paris experience is a Sunday dinner with Jim Haynes. He is an American writer who moved to Paris many years ago. For the last 30 years, he has hosted Sunday dinners for an eclectic group of 50-80 international friends, both old and new. Jim is an amazing host - after the first time he meets you, he will remember your name and then begin to introduce you to other guests. The food and wine are fine but the real attraction is the chance to meet and interact with some fascinating folks. I am not sure of the dinner cost now (I paid in francs, not euros) but it is probably 20-25 euros. You can get more information and submit a reservation at:

When I lived in Paris (almost 10 years ago now), my flat was not far from your hotel. I was in the 7th arr near the Musee Rodin. I don't have great lunch recommendations. I only ate lunch in the area on the weekends when I was not at work. I was usually running errands and looking for quick over good. But one place I noted was the sandwich shop Cosi at 54 Rue de Seine, 6th (Metro: St Germain or Mabillon). They bake their own flat bread in the restaurant that they will fill with whatever fillings you choose from a long list of ingredients. I understand that the owner has also opened a full service restaurant across the street called Fish.

I kept a list of restaurants that I liked. The following were either in the 6th or 7th arrondissement:

Basque - Chez l' Ami Jean, 27 Rue Malar, 7th (M: Latour Maubourg) Provencal - La Bastide Odeon, 7 Rue Corneille, 6th (M: Odeon) Provencal - Les Olivades, 41 Avenue de Segur, 7th (M: Segur) Provencal - Le Petit Nicois, 10 Rue Amelie, 7th (M: Latour Maubourg) (my favorite boulliabaise in Paris)

Also if you are a foodie, please do visit the organic market (marché biologique) along Blvd Raspail in the 6th on Sunday morning. Here is a blog posting that gives you a "flavor" for the experience:

Mark in Los Angeles