Subject: Re: Internet Access with Laptop in Portugal
Hello Joćo:

Many thanks for the information that you have provided. We have checked out all the sites you mentioned. We're particularly pleased with the local dial-up Internet access information that you provided as neither requires registration and Telepac doesn't even require a download! (I'm guessing that Clix doesn't really either, but won't know for sure until we try it.) Clix generally looks like the best deal with 0.1895 connection charge, 0.0498/min during peak times, and 0.0232/min during off-peak times (weekdays from 9:00pm - 9:00am; all day on Sat, Sun, holidays). (All amounts in euro.)

We do have another question about the mobile phone companies - do you know if we would be able to use them to access Clix or Telepac, or will they only work on a fixed line? Normally we stay in locations that have direct dial telephones, but occasionally we don't and it would be really nice to be able to use our mobile modem to access the Internet.

Thanks again! Susan and Steve in Peterborough, Canada