Subject: Re: Transportation from CDG into Paris
Dear Delores and others,

We use the Metro - always. We always get off at 'our' stop which is Odeon (change at Chatalet-Les Halles) and leave to return to CDG from St. Michel where we can also walk from our hotel. We've never had a problem. Also, the flights from Boston, at least, leave late and arrive early in Paris so the trains are never packed.

When we get to our hotel about 30 - 40 min later; we store our luggage until the room is ready and go check out what's doing.

If anyone needs directions: You take the RER from CDG to Châtelet - Les Halles where you change for the Metro to Odeon Line #4 (in the direction of Porte d'Orleans) This will, I believe, also stop at St Michel. Good luck. You don't have to use the automatic machines to buy (aller/retour) round-trip tickets, as the regular office (downstairs at the end of the CDG airport) where they sell tickets opens about 7 - 7:30 or maybe earlier. I forget.

Good luck. Coming back, be sure to make sure what terminal you return to at CDG as there are two train tracks and the RER splits at a certain point. One goes to one terminal and the other - to the other. You want to get on the correct one.

If you make a mistake as we did. Some nice Parisian will help and tell you where to change trains. We were clueless!

Regards, Susie Newton, MA