Subject: Re: Driving
Hi Ziners --

The discussion on driving in Italy made me think about how driving (and drivers) differs throughout the world. Other than the United States, I've driven in Spain, the UK and Sweden have had no problems. I've been a passenger in Italy and think that, overall, I'd manage fairly well as a driver. I've driven rather extensively in Canada and have found the drivers to be excellent.

I've driven in many large cities in the United States. In cities, I generally do prefer walking or taking public transportation when possible. However, I have no problem with driving in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, DC, etc., etc. My favorite state, overall, for driving is California.

The one US city that does send me running as fast as I can for public transportation is Chicago. Traffic is heavy, fast and aggressive. (BTW, Chicago is where I learned to drive back in 1959). Route 80 in Pennsylvania is another road I try to steer clear of. It feels like a chute-the-chutes for trucks. In fact, my husband tells me that the first time he drove it, he thought he'd happened upon a highway that was reserved exclusively for trucks because he never say another passenger car!

I'd like to hear how other people feel about driving conditions, in the US and around the world.

Landra in Columbia County, NY