Subject: Re: Driving
Hi Ziners!

I have to beg to differ with Michaels take on the German Autobahn driving. I lived there 6 years so I have lots of experience with it. First more than half of the autobahn miles have speed limits. Mostly near cities or construction sites or places with intersecting autobahns or otherwise unsafe at high speeds areas. The unlimited speeds are found on sparsely traveled rural bits of the road where the road runs straight and level. It is perfecly safe because of... #2, the Germans have rules of the road that are strictly obeyed. If they didn't it would be carnage on the highway. They drive only to the right and go left only to pass. They know to move if a faster vehicle approaches from behind. I will agree that sometimes a slower car has trouble getting out of the way of a Porsche and they will get the high beams. Otherwise things are very cordial. I live in the US now and there is chaos on our roads. Pass on the right, pass on the left machs nichts, you can count on anyone doing the unexpected and at high speeds. Road rage is rampant. It is horrible. Give me Germany any day.

Nancy in VA