Subject: Re: Amalfi Drive
Hello Maria and Ziners,

I am sorry to be so late with this information. I had saved the digest and forgot to go back to it. I have been on the Amalfi Drive several times and have done it several ways, but I would not drive it. As the other correspondent said the driver can't look except when you stop. At that time of year I would imagine the drive might be becoming very crowded. At one time there were many tour buses which only added to the congestion.

I have done the tour bus route, and I imagine that in Sorrento you can find information on this type of tour. I have also done it two other ways. The first was to take the public bus from Sorrento. This goes down the drive at least as far as Amalfi, maybe farther. It has been a few years since I have done this. Again if you stay at a hotel in Sorrento I would think they can help you with this and they would know the schedule. I believe you can get off at Positano and walk down into the town, but then you will also have to walk back up to the road. If you choose this route on the way from Sorrento sit on the side opposite the driver for the best views and behind the driver on the way back to Sorrento.(Unless, of course, you don't like heights.)

The last time I took this trip, I hired a private driver. If some are suggested in Rick Steves books you can check those out. Hotels would probably have sources too. I was very happy with Sorrento Limo. Their website is and the email is My driver was the owner of the company Gennaro Ruocco; he is very personable. I also traveled with him to several other areas near there. Last I knew all his drivers speak English.

Sincerely, Joan in Illinois