Subject: Airport woes
Hi Ziners,

Dolores noted that it's useful to know that travellers need coins at CDG for the ticket machines. One more hurdle for travellers. Why don't airports care about the arriving passenger?

Living in Toronto, I am irked when I arrive home at Pearson Airport and see out-of-country visitors struggling with the baggage carts until they realize that they need a loonie (our one dollar coin) to release it so they can load up their luggage. I have given many loonies to visitors so they can get the cart out of its confines.

I often think to myself "What's up with these guys? Why do they think that a foreign visitor would have a loonie on hand? Don't they realize that it's next to impossible to get coins at a money exchange office?" Hong Kong is the only place that I've been to that would accept coins for exchange.

Airports are traveller-unfriendly places in my experience. Why do they assume that arriving travellers have exactly the right change to make their lives easier at the airport when they are jetlagged, irritable and only want to get to their room for a shower? And for the departing passenger, why don't airports have clocks prominently displayed like train stations do for travellers?

Ziners, are there any travel friendly aiports? Lucy, Toronto