Subject: Airport woes
Hello Ziners:

I may be misunderstaneding the posts but I know that Newark airport international arrivals area where one collects the internationally checked luggage does have a fee for obtaining a cart. However, the traveler may use a credit card and often there is an attendant at the cart installation collecting dollar bills and giving people a cart from the device. As noted in the other posts, though, those machines used a coin. There was no mention if one could also use a credit card.

Something interesting happened to me several weeks ago. After I had arrived at Newark Liberty Airport, I passed through security and was then inside the airport and accessed the cash machine using my U.S. credit card to obtain dollars. My credit card charged me a fee for being in a foreign country, even though I was in good old Newark. I guess once one goes through to the other side of security, one is no longer in New Jersey!!

Bettina Jerusalem