Subject: Re: Help with Rome
Hello Annabelle, Bill and Ziners,

Rome has so much. I would, of course, suggest the ancient Rome area of the Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine. Also you definitely should go to the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's. After that since you have read all the information available on the Travelzine, I think you should head for the areas that interest you most.

A special museum for me is the Galleria Borghese. For this you will need a reservation. I'm sure your hotel can help you there. Or you might check for information on the official website: I have been to Rome several times and am planning the next two trips there. I have enjoyed several walking tours from Context Rome and plan to take them again. For excellent overviews of the ancient area and the Vatican I would again take Roma Antica and Arte Vaticana offered by this company If you go to the website and type in your dates, you can see what is being offered when you are there.

I don't know where your hotel is but if you are near the Trevi Fountain, which I imagine you will want to visit, I have a suggestion for a restaurant I have eaten in quite a lot on my last two trips to Rome. The restaurant is called l' Archetto. It is located on Via dell Archetto. It is also very close to Via Corso just off Via Umilita. The restaurant bills itself as a "spaghetteria and pizzeria", and it is not just touristy since there have always been lots of Italians there. All past choices are translated into English and a list of ingredients is provided. I have not been there since 2004, but at that time a bruschetta, a plate of spaghetti and a half litre of wine never cost me more than E14. Food is excellent. I hope this has helped you with your plans.

Sincerely, Joan in Illinois