Subject: Re: Emailing a credit card number
Hi JoAnne,

My son uses temporary credit card numbers. Several credit card issuers now offer virtual single-use card numbers which will expire in a short period of > time. You can determine when you want the number to expire, the maximum amount that can be charged to it, and even designate the specific merchant.

You can use these numbers online, in e-mail, over the phone or in a fax. About the only times you can't use them is in face to face transactions > where you need your physical credit card.

The only limitation is that the cardholder must have an MBNA-issued credit > card (there are over 5,000 choices) and must enroll (free) in the service at

Other credit card companies also have similar services and you can find out how to access them by calling the customer service number on the back of the card.

Landra in Columbia County NY