Subject: Accommodation in Sydney Australia
Hi Sue

Another place you might consider checking-out to stay in Sydney is the Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments in Darling Harbour.

My son-in-law's parents visit a couple of times a year from England and usually stay there. It has a 3.5 to 4 star rating and you can often get very reasonable rates booking through sites such as Parking is about $16 per day.

Darling Harbour (in my opinion) is a great place to base yourself during a stay in Sydney. You can walk to the CBD in ten mintues. The light rail, monorail and a ferry to Circular Quay are virtually at your doorstep. Most of the accommodation in the Darling Harbour are is a lot cheaper than right in the city.

One of my daughters lived there until about a month ago and although the area is "touristy" it is also very safe. I, personally, would no longer stay at Kings Cross. It is pretty sleazy and not particularly safe given the number of "junkies", drug dealers and other unsavoury characters who seem to abound there. I grew up in Elizabeth Bay which is the next suburb and my parents have just moved from there so I have watched the area change over the years from an always somewhat seedy but nevertheless colourful suburb to rather pathetic place it is today. I'd be careful choosing where I stayed there.

Wherever you decide to base yourself, I hope you enjoy your visit to Sydney as much as you seem to have enjoyed the rest of Australia.

Regards Josie Wollongong, Australia