Subject: Online help for choosing airplane seats

If you are like me, you are particular about your airplane seats. I am adamant about getting an aisle seat that is not a bulkhead. Beyond that, I like sitting in the exit row if possible. If not, I just like to know that I am not in a terrible location (i.e., not near the galley, the bathroom, over the engines, etc.).

Especially when flying an unfamiliar airline, I use to ensure that I know what seat to ask for. This impressive site contains seating maps for all of the planes used by the major US carriers and many foreign ones also. It also provides hints and tips as to each plane's positive and negative features.

For example, I am planning a trip later this year on Delta. Several flights will be on a small Canadian Air jet. I now know that this plane has limited overhead space so my roller board will probably not fit and will have to be gate checked. Note to self - do not pack laptop or other valuables in the roller board on this trip!

Anyway, I thought I would remind fellow travellers of this resource as you plan your next journey.

Mark in Los Angeles