Subject: Rome - special last night in Italy?
Hi Ziners!

This is a strange question I think. After spending 12 nights in Sicily we fly back to Fiumicino airport - Rome arriving around 6PM (Friday) leaving the next day at 1PM. I really don't want to stay at an airport hotel that night and eat bad food. The last night is special to us. I've never flown into/out of Rome so don't know the airport. Is there a rail line out of there that doesn't go into the city? Here is what I am hoping for - a destination north of the city / airport that is reachable in an hour or so with a nice little country inn and restaurant for our last night. Or if that fails someplace nice and easy to get to in the city would be acceptable.

If the rail connections would be too tricky/time consuming then possibly we could engage a driver or taxi if it's not terribly far. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions for a last, wonderful, not to hard to make happen, night in/near Rome I'd love to hear it.

Thanks Nancy in Virginia