Subject: Re: Dine with the Danes
Hi Penny and Bob and Ziners,

My husband and I participated the "Dine with the Danes" program in May 2004 while we were in Copenhagen with a tour group. Our tour group was divided into smaller groups of 4 or 6, and each smaller group was transported to different hostess' apartment one evening.

My husband and I were in a group of 4, the other couple was a retired lawyer and a retired teacher from North Carolina. We went to a very spacious and artistically decorated 4th floor apartment. The hostess invited a woman friend of hers to keep company because her husband was out of town on business. The host/hostess are usually Danes who enjoyed traveling and enjoyed meeting folks from different countries. The home-cooked meal was delicious, the conversion was merry, and we got a glimpse of Danish home life. The experience was very enjoyable.

However, the following morning I heard that one of the tour member who was afraid of dogs went to a home that had a dog. Therefore she was very nervous and that made the hostess very nervous, and that spoiled the evening for every participant in that small group.

Therefore, if one has any special request, make sure to request it when signing up.

Mei-Ching (Massachusetts)