Subject: Re: Time Enough?
Hi Reuven, Bard, Mei-Ching and Ziners

I am flying into Amsterdam with KLM and then continuing on to Tanzania with them. I do understand that they will be responsible for me making it to my flight on time or putting me onto the next flight, but I need to arrive in time for my safari and the flights to KIA are only 3X weekly as I understand it.

As noted in Bard's response, that kind of delay is exactly the sort of thing that I am worried about. Do you contact the airline before the departure? If my flight from Tel Aviv is delayed, how do I contact them? I booked with a travel agent. Should I ask her to take care of this?

Yes, it seems that KLM is infamous for losing luggage on a short turn around, especially when it is to Africa. For that reason I am planning on trying to use one carry-on bag only. Problem is they only allow 8 kilo and I have to take a sleeping bag too!!

Good travelling all! Debby - Israel